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The Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona is a trusted and respected resource where you can discover and fulfill your personal philanthropic vision and preserve cherished values. Together we can shape the future and create a vibrant and secure Jewish community in Tucson, Israel and around the world.


Our Jewish traditions guide us to help others in need and take steps towards repairing the world. Giving is ingrained in our very nature and is an essential aspect of our culture.  When asked, most Jews will express the desire to leave a legacy, yet the majority never follow through and make a plan. This can be for myriad reasons including difficulty confronting their own mortality or having to discuss complicated financial matters. One does not need to be wealthy to establish a legacy. Everyone can, and should, make a plan to carry on their vision beyond their lifetime.

Creating a legacy plan is far easier than you might imagine. The Jewish Community Foundation is a reliable and supportive resource that can turn your emerging philanthropic vision into reality! 

Brenna Lacey Premier Solo Exhibit

Hanging in the Jewish Community Foundation Offices
March 26 through May 23, 2014

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 Phone: 520.577.0388  -  3567 E Sunrise Drive, Suite 143, Tucson, AZ 85718  -  promise@jcftucson.org 



Our Stories

“I classically tell my clients I am not Jewish – but have a fund there because I like the way they approach the business of giving.”

- Greg Gadarian   read more

“My parents, Abraham and Chava, both Holocaust survivors, immigrated to Canada from Israel to raise a family in a country not at war…”

- Danny Gasch   read more

“What’s drawn me to this is all the really cool ways you can engage your kids in discussions without being completely morbid.”

- Keri Lazarus Silvyn   read more

Endowment Book of Life

Nearly 700 individuals and families in Tucson have signed the Endowment Book of Life , promising to make a legacy plan. Then they take their time to honor, formalize and ultimately fund their personal plan.

The concept evolved from the question: What if you had one more child to nurture and protect – and that child was your community? How would you ensure the future of that child’s needs in a way that supports your own vision for the future?

The result was the donor-centered Endowment Book of Life.

learn more

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